Horizon Forbidden West Aloy cosplay guides are fascinating even if you can't sew

Horizon Forbidden West
(Image credit: Guerilla Games)

The Horizon Forbidden West Aloy cosplay scene got a pre-release boost from Guerilla Games today, and its detailed cosplay guides are fascinating to look through even if you just want to know more about the world.

The official Guerilla site now hosts two cosplay guides, both of which correspond to Aloy's different looks in Horizon Forbidden West: there's the Nora Huntress outfit (opens in new tab) which is what Aloy wore in the Rocky Mountain climes of the first game, and the Utaru Harvester outfit (opens in new tab) which favors lighter and more water-resistant materials for her trip to the post-post-apocalyptic California coast.

The guides provide detailed reference shots of Aloy's various articles of clothing and gear, from her necklaces down to her boots, and even the way she styles her astoundingly voluminous hair. On top of detailed reference images, the guides also offer a little bit of exposition on the materials that go into her outfits: for instance, Aloy's new bodice is "made of strands of natural material such as leaves and reeds found near the Utaru tribe and decorated with tasseled fabric rolled up and draped around her shoulders and neck as a scarf.

If you're looking for ways to pass the time now that Horizon: Forbidden West has been delayed to February 2022, you could do worse than figuring out how to weave reeds and banana leaves together into protective and practical clothing.

Or if you're not quite so crafty, you could just take some time to revisit Horizon Zero Dawn now that it has 60 FPS support on PS5.

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