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Of course Homefront: The Revolution's Goliath Edition comes with a remote control tank

It's been too long since we had a really ridiculous collector's edition toy so it's a good thing Deep Silver has unveiled what comes with Homefront: The Revolution (opens in new tab)'s Goliath version of the game. Yep, that's a remote control tank, complete with six wheel suspension and, most importantly, working lights. We won't really talk about how that's used in the game to remotely detonate explosives. Fun for all the family.

The edition also comes with a copy of the game, an exclusive steel book tin, a 32 page art book, pre-order bonus the 'Revolutionary Spirit' pack and the expansion pass to give you all future content. It's quite the bundle and, surprisingly, it doesn't have a price just yet or any word as to whether it'll be available outside of the United States.

The game comes with a co-op 'Resistance Mode' and all future content for this will be free for the next six months, while the expansion pass will cover new single player bits. “We’re planning for a dedicated team to work on additional single-player content for at least a year after release” said Hasit Zala, Dambuster Studios game director. “We have some exciting ideas that we hope to develop further post launch, but the overall goal is to add some surprising new experiences to the world of Homefront that complement our 30 hour single-player campaign. All additional single-player content will be covered by the Expansion Pass.”

If you don't fancy a remote control tank, pre-ordering a physical edition of the game will still net you the 'Revolutionary Spirit' pack that includes a new motorbike and gun skins as well as instant unlocks of key weaponry. Pre-ordering digitally will give you the 'Liberty Pack' instead which is two pieces of rare combat gear for your co-op character. We'll keep you updated on the price of the Goliath Edition. I'd bet a remote control tank it'll be over $100.

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Louise Blain
Louise Blain

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