Hologram Goldblum, Revengers Assemble, and 5 other GIFtastic moments from the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer

Thor: Ragnarok (opens in new tab) never stops surprising us: We’ve already seen Thor and Hulk having an impromptu work meet-up and Loki and the God of Thunder back on the same side (again), but this new trailer gives us something more… hologram Jeff Goldblum! Life is good.

"It’s main event time," proclaims Holo-Blum and, holy hell, he’s not wrong. While the trailer doesn’t feature too much in the way of super-fresh content, it certainly packs in all the best bits from previous trailers with a sprinkling of new footage.

First up (it goes without saying, really), we’ve got a 20-foot holographic Grandmaster welcoming everyone to the arena on Sakaar. Life always finds a way to make you look somehow even more ridiculously cool, Goldblum.

If that doesn’t heat up your expectations – really? – then how about Hulk getting some one-on-one time with a literal demon. We’ve seen shots of the big fiery baddie before but nothing with this much devilish detail.

Running a line through the whole trailer is the formation of a team to battle Hela, the Goddess of Death. Does the team have a name, I hear you cry? Unfortunately, yes: the God of Thunder is calling it The Revengers (sound familiar?). Back to the drawing board on that one, guys. Valkyrie is not impressed.

Thor and Bruce Banner’s bromance continues here too. I can’t get over how awkward Mark Ruffalo looks next to Chris Hemsworth.

Thankfully, when Hulked up, Banner looks about a million times cooler (give or take). Here, the Revengers (ugh) stand tall. Hela might want to re-think her whole Ragnarok plan.

Those boots were made for walking, but that cape certainly isn’t. Loki is back to his swaggering best while (suitably) being surrounded by dead bodies. Interestingly enough, it’s the same setting where Hela announces “I’ve missed this”. Surely a Loki double-cross isn’t in the works?

Oh and, for good measure, here’s the coolest MCU shot ever.

Image: Marvel

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