Holding out for a hero

Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad is never shy when it comes to blabbing about the status of his company’s projects. And now he’s provided an update for those anxious for any news of Marvel’s long-gestating Captain America movie.

Under Marvel’s current deal with Paramount, the company will make the film for Paramount to distribute. Just don’t expect it to be heading into a cinema very soon. While Arad reveals that he does have a director and a leading man in mind, he’s not sure that the hero can hit cinemas before 2009.

But he was at least happy to talk a little about plot: "Without giving too much away, obviously there'll be a little bit of the origin and then we come into our real world," Arad told the Associated Press. "What makes Captain America such a compelling character is that it allows you to judge history so you see where he came from and you see what he stood for." In the Marvel universe, Captain America was born Steve Rogers, a frail youth in a poor family. His parents died when he was young and he tried to sign up for the Army during World War Two. But after his rejection on health terms, he agrees to undergo advanced medical tinkering with – what else – strange radioactive rays as part of a secret attempt to create super soldiers called Operation: Rebirth. The experiment was a success and he became a crime-fighter and Nazi-battling warrior for America.

The script is currently being re-written for what seems like the 50,000th time. "One of the things our movie is going to deal with is what happened in 60 years," says Arad. "Which world was better? Sixty years ago or now? Within, obviously, a kick-ass plot and all the stuff that you've come to expect from a superhero movie."

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