Hitman developer is announcing a new project tomorrow

Hitman 2
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Hitman developer IO Interactive has a new project on the horizon. The development team took to Twitter on November 18 to announce that they'll be having some sort of big reveal tomorrow, November 19 at 9 AM EST. The announcement will take place on YouTube, via the studio's official channel

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Nothing much is known about this project, beyond the fact that its big reveal is taking place tomorrow. Right now, all we've got are the above date and time to go by, so the rest is all speculation on the part of the fans. 

IO Interactive is perhaps most well known for developing the Hitman series of games. The Danish developer based out of Copenhagen, and while the Hitman series is its main claim to fame, it's also known for other titles such as Freedom Fighters and Mini Ninjas. 

This announcement would potentially mark IO's newest release in two years, since the release of Hitman 2. Hitman 3 is also on the immediate horizon, slated for a 2021 release, so it seems unlikely that this announcement will be a Hitman-related game. 

IO Interactive has hinted in the past that a new IP was in the works from their studio, so it's entirely possible that this is something completely separate from the Hitman franchise, and the studio could very well be dipping their toe into new waters here. With the advent of the next-gen consoles, it also seems likely that these will be next-gen titles that will take advantage of the new hardware available. 

Whatever it may be, fans can look forward to checking out whatever it is that the announcement is going to reveal when it happens tomorrow over on YouTube. 

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