Hitman 3 streamer shoves entire population of Sapienza into a meat freezer

All of Hitman 3's Sapienza residents shoved into a freezer
(Image credit: RTGame Daniel/IO Interactive)

In Hitman 3, you can fit the entire population of Sapienza into a single butcher shop's freezer, but it might take you a while to do it.

We know, because streamer RTGame Daniel did it live on camera over the course of just under seven hours. That's more than 200 NPCs all stacked on top of each other like so many salamis inside the butcher's walk-in, all resting peacefully after 47 choked them to sleep. It's a good thing they're sound sleepers, because it gets pretty crowded in there after the first dozen or so.

Even the developers of Hitman 3 at IO Interactive were impressed with the feat, though more so puzzled at how RTGame Daniel chose to spend his time in their carefully crafted sandbox game. Hey, everybody plays Hitman in their own way.

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In truth, gathering every living soul in Sapienza into a single tiny location was actually a means to an end, as RTGame Daniel intended to take out the entire town at once with a well-placed explosive (including the two people he was actually there to kill). He tried several methods and ended up having the most luck by tossing an explosive golf ball into the pile of unconscious bystanders, though it wasn't quite enough to wipe out everyone. The streamer theorized that there was too much of a "meat shield" effect going on to achieve a fully lethal grand finale.

Maybe someday the people of Sapienza will be able to enjoy their chilly new collective home in peace...

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