Hitman 3 patch notes: Interface improvements, level changes, and 47's training turtleneck

Hitman 3 tactical turtleneck
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

The new Hitman 3 patch notes tell the tale of the first major update for the game, complete with interface improvements, connectivity fixes, and the return of the tactical turtleneck.

Hitman 3 version 3.11 is live now across all platforms, with a download size that should come in at 2 to 3 GB depending on where you're playing (or nothing extra if you're playing on the Stadia or Switch versions, since it's all in the cloud anyway). It looks like this update won't deliver Hitman 3 ray-tracing support, but as a consolation prize, you can now unlock the cool turtleneck sweater outfit 47 wore during his ICA assessment days. Just go back and complete The Final Test mission from the tutorial prologue and you'll be able to enjoy the tactical coziness wherever.

The update also makes a few tweaks to the user interface: it should now better represent when 47 would be trespassing by climbing or vaulting over parts of the environment. You'll get an audio effect as soon as you enter a hostile area, so it will be easier to remember not to walk right past those guards until after you're dressed like somebody important.

Players who like to go for high ratings will also be pleased to find some helpful changes to the Silent Assassin HUD, which you can enable in the options menu. It will be easier to tell when you can no longer get Silent Assassin in this playthrough, and it will also indicate if you could get Silent Assassin but only if you destroy some video recordings first - that should save you some time when you're trying for five stars.

The Hitman 3 patch notes also include tweaks for the new levels, like removing a few points in Dubai where 47 would jump off the side of the building instead of just vaulting over part of the environment. This is unintended behavior, because he is Hitman, not Jumpman. You can check out the full list of changes on IO Interactive's official site.

See what else is on the way this month with the Hitman 3 roadmap.

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