Hitman 3 has an Untitled Goose Game easter egg

Hitman 3
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Hitman 3 is hiding references to Untitled Goose Game, as spotted by a couple of eagle-eyed people on Reddit.

The last thing you need when you're trying to covertly assassinate someone is a loud, disruptive goose running around, and luckily geese are explicitly banned from Hitman 3's Germany level. As you can see in the captures below, concrete barriers with a cartoony goose and the German phrase for "no trespassing" are scattered around the map. Since there's pretty much no other explanation, it's clearly a nod to the House House indie game that honked its way into the mainstream and bagged the Breakthrough Award at the Golden Joysticks back in late 2019.

Found this little Easter Egg in Hitman 3! from r/untitledgoosegame
In The Germany level of Hitman 3, there is an Untitled Goose Game homage near an unauthorized entrance from r/GamingDetails

For a while after Untitled Goose Game launched, the titular fowl was going around terrorizing the occupants of other game worlds via mods and official crossovers. Some of the games that have been invaded by the horrible goose include Resident Evil 2, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and more recently Fall Guys. Now, despite a few months of silence, it's clear the horrible goose isn't leaving its shenanigans in 2020.

Hitman 3 launched a couple of days ago, and despite some issues plaguing the process of carrying over progress from earlier games, people seem to be having fun generally. GamesRadar's 4.5/5 Hitman 3 review calls the threequel "a slick and entertaining conclusion to a trilogy full of inventive, beautifully crafted levels to explore and exploit."

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