Hitman 3 Cloud Version is coming to Nintendo Switch

Hitman 3
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Hitman 3 - Cloud Version is coming to Nintendo Switch. Today's Nintendo Direct Mini October Showcase revealed that Agent 47 will be heading to the console for his latest outing via "cloud streaming technology."

The dramatic trailer shows the eponymous Hitman leaping from an aircraft before scaling up a skyscraper in order to dispatch his quarry. If the footage looks like something the Switch might struggle to run, that's because it's not really doing so - instead, a disclaimer at the end of the video says that the Cloud Version "uses cloud streaming technology."

That means that if you want to run it, you'll need "a stable and permanent internet connection." To help inform your purchase, however, Nintendo and developer Io Interactive is offering a free launcher application that's "required to test the game for a limited amount of time" before you're given the opportunity to buy.

It's currently not exactly clear how that will work, but it looks like another of this afternoon's announcements might offer some clarity. A Control Ultimate Edition for Nintendo Switch was also announced during the Direct, and is available now, suggesting that you'll get limited access until you buy the Access Pass, but that you'll be disconnected from the trial if your internet connection isn't stable. Whatever approach Nintendo has taken, however, we might be waiting a little while to find out in this case, as while the Hitman 3 release date on most platforms has been confirmed as January 20, today's trailer only says that the game is "coming to Nintendo Switch," with no release date for this version given at this time.

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