Hideo Kojima's new office gives off supervillain lair vibes, but it has excellent toilets

Hideo Kojima
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If you're wondering what the best part of Kojima Productions' new office is, we can tell you; it's the toilets. 

In a series of photos shared on Twitter by the company's official account, we can see a glimpse of where Hideo Kojima and the rest of the team developing Death Stranding 2 work. Each of the photos makes the office look super sleek and a little like a movie theatre with the black curtains, game posters, and long hallways with many doors running down them. 

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This is just a preview of one hallway in the entire studio though, so who knows, maybe the rest of the office has a completely different vibe. The main thing we're impressed by though is the inclusive toilets which, according to a sign on the door, can be used by "everyone," which is a nice departure from the villainous aesthetic of the rest of the pictures. We can't see from the photos but going off the hallway alone, it's likely that the facilities look just as futuristic as the rest of the office.

We first heard about Kojima and co moving offices back in early 2022. A series of tweets, from both the studio's founder and the company's official account, showed how the previous office in Tokyo looked when stripped of all its Kojima-ness. These photos actually led to fans speculating that the studio was expanding to make room for more employees and future projects. This was never confirmed but we do know that the developer has been hiring for a number of roles for a while now. 

As for what Kojima Productions could be working on, we know that Death Stranding 2 is officially on the way after it was revealed during The Game Awards 2022. Beyond this, we also know from the man himself that he's working on a "completely new game" in addition to Death Stranding 2. What this game is is still unknown however we know Kojima is collaborating with Microsoft soon and there's been rumors about a new horror game from the studio called Overdose

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