Kojima Productions is looking to expand the team in a big way

Kojima Productions
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Kojima Productions appears to be on a hiring spree with what looks to be almost 30 roles currently available at the studio. 

According to the Kojima Productions website, the studio is looking for the likes of a character artist, writer, level designer, project manager, and more. As there are so many jobs up for grabs at the moment, and all of the job listings are in Japanese, it’s hard to tell exactly what the Hideo Kojima lead studio is up to. 

The only clue we do have from the jobs though is the phrase "high-end projects" which appears in a lot of the listings. However, being a project in development at Kojima Productions, it would be strange if it wasn’t a high-end production. There’s constant speculation about what Hideo Kojima is planning next whether it’s that he is a consultant on a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake or working with film director Nicolas Winding Refn.

More recently however, the Death Stranding director did share that they were in the mo-cap suit and his assistant also shared a photo of Kojima on a video call with a mystery person - who is still unidentified as of writing this. There have also been rumors that Kojima is working with Xbox on something that utilizes Microsoft’s cloud technology, however, there’s still no official confirmation of this. 

One thing we know Kojima is up to however is breaking into the world of movies after he opened a new Kojima Productions office in LA. A statement provided by the boss of the new LA team, Riley Russell, read: "The team has as its charter, the goal of expanding the reach and awareness of the properties now under development at Kojima Productions, and to make them even more a part of our popular culture," Death Stranding movie, anyone? 

We’ll just have to wait and see what the unpredictable game developer is up to, until then you can find out what the rest of the year has to offer with our new games 2021 list. 

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