Hideo Kojima confirms "completely new game" in addition to Death Stranding 2

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Hideo Kojima has announced a "completely new game" is in the works at Kojima Productions.

Earlier today on December 16, Kojima Productions celebrated its seventh anniversary, with the big boss himself giving a pre-recorded message to fans via Twitter, seen just below. Kojima reveals that "in addition to 'DS2,' we are also preparing a completely new game, as well as some visual projects."

The "DS2" there would be Death Stranding 2, finally announced just earlier this month at The Game Awards. As for this other project, it's the first we've heard of any additional game being in the works at Kojima Productions, outside of both Death Stranding 2 and the ongoing collaboration with Microsoft on a cloud-based game.

"I am hoping to bring you information on all of these next year," Kojima concluded on the matter. Whatever this new game is, we should be hearing about it at some point in 2023 then, irrelevant of whatever development timeline Death Stranding 2 and the Microsoft project are on.

It's entirely possible this new game from Kojima Productions could be the long-rumored Overdose. The horror game was first leaked earlier this year in June, supposedly meant to star Death Stranding's Margaret Qualley, and an apparent gameplay trailer leaked in the most bizzare way imaginable last month in November. 

As for the "visual projects" Kojima mentions, this isn't a first for the studio. Kojima Productions held a little VR space at Tokyo Game Show earlier this year in September, so a project in this vein is likely what the developer is referring to here, instead of another game.

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