Hideo Kojima loves Twelve Minutes: 'Kinda makes me want to create another adventure game'

Twelve Minutes review
(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Twelve Minutes is living rent-free in Hideo Kojima's head, and it's gotten so bad he may need to make another adventure game to deal with it.

The game director behind Death Stranding and the Metal Gear series shared his love for Luis Antonio and Annapurna Interactive's new time-looping thriller on Twitter. Kojima says he's still trying to finish Twelve Minutes even after getting sucked into a four-hour session - which is about 20 back-to-back loops, if you were wondering.

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Kojima says he's still a little afraid Willem Dafoe - who plays the cop that breaks into your apartment at the end of every 12-minute loop - will show up and start clobbering him.

The game maker added that playing through 12 Minutes 'kinda makes me want to create another adventure game,' which is some of the best praise one creative can pay to another. While Kojima is best known for making cinematic action games, he also directed Snatcher and Policenauts - both menu-driven point-and-click adventure games - at Konami long before his work started saying "A Hideo Kojima Game" on the cover.

It's probably just an idle impulse for now, but it would be exciting to see what kind of adventure game Kojima would make in 2021 - especially since so much about the genre has changed since the last time he gave it a shot. For now, all we know about what's on Kojima's plate is that Death Stranding Director's Cut is coming on September 24, and he doesn't love the name.

File that under "hopes and dreams" for now, but you can look forward to much more concrete plans with our guide to new games 2021.

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