5 things the first Transformers: The Last Knight trailer tells us about the sequel

The new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth movie in the Michael Bay franchise, just landed and it’s full to the brim with Dinobots, a shock death, and a whole lotta Anthony Hopkins. Here are five things you may have missed from the new Transformers trailer…

 Transformers: robots in the skies

So, the Dinobots are back. Having been given free rein to roam the Earth by Optimus Prime at the end of Transformers: Age of Extinction, Strafe is seen swooping over what looks like the Scottish Highlands. In the distance, a lone figure on a horse rides in. After the climactic events of Age of Extinction, just what role will the Dinobots play in the movie? It could link to…

While the Anthony Hopkins voiceover is as cool as hell, the quick flashes of key battles from history – including a fight against Nazis – seem puzzling at first. We’re used to, Dinobots excluded, a lot of modern-day robot-on-robot action. This could be linked to the Creators, whose origin was explained at the beginning of Age of Extinction.

Long story short: the Creators invaded Earth 65 million years ago and covered the Earth in an alloy called Transformium (which wiped out the dinosaurs, natch). Yes, the Transformers universe is this confusing. Don’t be surprised to see the Creators pulling strings all throughout history. And, despite all of these questions, one big one remains: what does Anthony Hopkins’s character have to do with all of this?

Pedal to the medal(lion)

No, this isn’t a new Westworld attraction, Anthony Hopkins, at 1:03, is seen stroking some sort of weird artifact, and he’s also shown standing near a very Excalibur-looking sword. This probably, again, has something to do with the Creators, especially as the first shot of the entire trailer features a similar eerie looking relic covered in someone – something’s – blood. The Creators definitely look like they’ll be playing a major role. Also, look forward to some more medieval-looking shenanigans. And is that The Last Knight at 1:48?!

Transformers in peril

The hallmarks of a good action trailer all here. Bumblebee in danger? (that’s at 0:39 if you want to avoid crying) Check. Marky Mark making things go bang? Check. The main character of the franchise dead and floating through space? Che—whaaaaat? As the trailer goes on to show, Optimus Prime isn’t dead dead. In fact, he’s facing a fate worse than death.

"Optimus Prime has left us"

Say hello to evil, purple-eyed Optimus Prime. Yep, in the space of a single trailer he’s been killed and resurrected. Michael Bay is nothing if not efficient. It remains to be seen whether this is the bonafide Optimus Prime attacking Mark Wahlberg’s character Cade Yeager or if it’s the evil Nemesis Prime, Optimus’ evil clone. Yep, that’s a thing.

We’ll find out the answers to all of these mysteries, and more, when Transformers: The Last Knight hits theatres June 23, 2017

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