Here’s a Batman Arkham HD cover & June release date. Not that it’s happening or anything…

At this point the Batman Arkham Collection is just the worst kept secret, with ratings, release dates and listings all over the shop. Now, we appear to have a cover. 

The leak seems to pretty much confirm the game with the title "Return To Arkham" (if it wasn’t already more or less certain). Especially as it reportedly appears inside an Italian Warner Brothers magazine. Here’s the full spread showing the cover, with a mention of a June release date (the 'giugno' bit, top left).  

As you can see, the contents seem to be the two old gen Rockstady games (they’re still pretending the Warner Montreal made Arkham Origins didn’t happen) “optimised for PS4 and Xbox 1”. It also looks like it’ll be bundling in all the DLC as well. 

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Leon Hurley
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