Hellraiser reboot on the way from Call of Duty, Dark Knight trilogy writer

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A reboot of the 1987 horror classic Hellraiser is on the way from Spyglass, with prominent screenwriter David Goyer involved as producer and story writer. Goyer's filmography dates back to the 90s and includes writing credits on the Blade trilogy, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, and Call of Duty: Black Ops and Black Ops 2. 

Deadline reports that the Hellraiser reboot is being helmed by David Bruckner, who directed this year's The Night House as well as the Amateur Night short from horror anthology film V/H/S. The screenplay is coming from Luke Piotrowski and Ben Collins, who both worked with Bruckner and Goyer on The Night House.

"Clive and I go back more than 30 years together. For generations, his brilliantly twisted and imaginative Hellraiser haunted the minds of moviegoers with its searing imagery of Pinhead," said Spyglass chairman and CEO Gary Barber. "David is the perfect storyteller to continue Clive’s vision for a new theatrical version of Hellraiser."

I haven't watched the original Hellraiser in about 10 years, and it's definitely one that sticks with you. The grim story of Pinhead and the Cenobites is not for the faint of heart, and it's exciting/unnerving to see what a modern reboot could do with the source material. Goyer has said the production team is aiming for "something dark and visceral," while Spyglass is describing the reboot as "loyal, yet evolved" (via THR).

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