Helldivers 2 daredevil flattens a Hulk, tanks a Rocket Devastator, shrugs off a punch from another Hulk, bombs 2 factories, somehow lives: "They aren't letting me die"

Helldivers 2 Annihilator Tanks
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A Helldivers 2 player has somehow survived robot Vietnam to emerge alive after taking out a Hulk, a Rocket Destroyer, and two Automaton Factories. 

Helldivers 2's Malevelon Creek was rightly dubbed "robot Vietnam" for the brutal gauntlet of unceasing attacks it would put players through, but one Super Earth soldier has fought through a gauntlet that makes robot Vietnam look like a walk in the park.

In the clip below, a daredevil executes a perfect "sneak attack" to take out an Automaton Factory. The only problem is that the Automatons know they're there, as the player finds out when five Devastators and several Berserkers turn on them. They still somehow manage to take out a Hulk, ruin a Rocket Destroyer, and bomb two Factories while making it out alive.

Perfectly executed sneak attack to take out factories from r/Helldivers

I have no idea quite how the player managed this, and neither does anyone else. "How in the name of sweet liberty did you survive that? That's absolute madness," reads the top-voted Reddit comment under the post. "Not only did I survive, I casually strolled into the nearby Stratagem jammer, blew it up and left - refusing to elaborate any further," responds the player.

Someone else says the player has earned themselves a pint of "Eagle Sweat." No, I didn't know what this was either before I looked it up, but apparently, if you chill on your ship and watch the monitors for long enough, you'll eventually get an advert for the drink known as Eagle Sweat. It sounds just what the defenders of democracy deserve.

Comment from r/Helldivers

This is the sort of thing that probably makes Helldivers 2 players feel like Game Master Joel is watching their every move and giving them a merciful reprieve from death. That's not the case, obviously - the player here just got wildly lucky with the Automaton's aiming - but it's still something that makes Helldivers 2 feel really special at the moment.

In other news, the fight against Helldivers 2's Automaton horde just got easier: 2 new guns are here, including the long-rumored Heavy Machine Gun

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