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Heeeere’s… Billy? Stranger Things season 2’s new bully on how The Shining influences his role

Stranger Things season 2 already has an avalanche of pop-culture references (and ‘80s music) to keep even the most eagle-eyed fan on the lookout for some background content. This season’s new “antagonist” (his words, not mine) is even falling back on The Shining for his inspiration. Just don’t bring an axe to Hawkins, yeah?

In an interview with Screen Rant, ex-Power Ranger Dacre Montgomery opened up about what makes his character, Billy, tick: “He’s a bit of an antagonist to be honest. The reference from these boys over here, the Duffer Brothers, was kind of like Jack Nicholson in the Shining. Somebody with an unpredictable nature. Somebody who sorts of unnerves the audience.”

He's not a Hawkins native so, as an outsider looking in after the eerie goings-on, he’s bound to rattle a few cages this year. Montgomery says as much himself, mentioning he’s “a bit of spice placed in this amazing recipe that has been so tasty and so successful. He blows through town, He comes from out of town, from California. He ruffles a few feathers and I think that sums him up without giving too much away.”

A Golden State version of Jack Torrance? Sign me up.

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