Heavy Rain creator's stunning short film showcases new game engine

We have a special place in our hearts for the ambitious PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain, even if its reach occasionally exceeded its grasp. Still it was hard not to feel a certain disconnect at times between the characters' bodies and faces. Developer Quantic Dream (and studio head David Cage) have been hard at work on a new PS3-friendly game engine while working on the follow-up to Heavy Rain, and while they weren't ready to show us that game yet, they were ready to premiere this haunting short film created with the engine. Watch...

Cage mentioned that this specially crafted, PS3-specific, engine was built to use full body capturing (like Avatar used) to make the in-game performance of people (and robots) seem realer than ever. We're not sure just what game can be made with this, but we hope it impresses us half as much as this stunning short. Check out our full rundown of Cage's GDC panel here.

Henry Gilbert

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