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Heavy Metal lights a Black Beacon with new Star Trek-style 'intergalactic immigration story'

(Image credit: Sebastian Piriz (Heavy Metal Entertainment))

A new Star Trek-style space exploration drama titled Black Beacon will be debuting in the upcoming Heavy Metal #303. Artist Sebastian Piriz and writer Ryan K Lindsay are behind the series, which the publisher calls "a tale of intergalactic iniquity and universally unsettling truths."

(Image credit: Pascal Blanche (Heavy Metal Entertainment))
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"Black Beacon is about Earth receiving a message to travel across the universe to a location where a new level of connection and understanding can be forged. But when a team arrives, they find they are too late to the party and it's all sideways," reads Heavy Metal's description of the series. 

"Niko is the historian of the group who lands on the Dyson Sphere and tries to piece together some kind of understanding of what's happened, who is there, and why they should leave as soon as they can. Along the way, she's going to meet some very interesting lifeforms, get into some deadly situations, and learn some truths that are absolutely intergalactic."

Black Beacon is part of the company's new Elements initiative, where new series will be serialized in the flagship Heavy Metal anthology magazine and then segue into its own $2.99 comic book series with additional backmatter, original artwork, and inks-only pages.

Here's a preview of the first installment, as well as the cover to the standalone Black Beacon series:

"Sebastian and Ryan have a bold, detailed vision, and that vision is perfectly aligned with Heavy Metal. The concept of an intergalactic immigration story is a fantastic motif to current day struggles," Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney tells Newsarama. "If you love rich detailed and immersive science fiction, you are going to want to read Black Beacon."

Black Beacon will debut later this year in Heavy Metal #303, before debuting as a standalone series on March 24, 2021.

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Chris Arrant
Chris Arrant

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