Hear the voice of Darth Jar Jar Binks, as performed by the man behind the Gungan

If you ever wanted to know what Jar Jar Binks would sound like as an evil Sith, stop what you're doing and give this a watch; it's Ahmed Best, the man who played Jar Jar in the Star Wars films, giving us his best bad guy impression.

So why is Best doing this? Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a reality, the Internet was rife with fan theories about what really happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. One of the most viral was the idea that Jar Jar Binks, the clumsy oaf so many have held up as the epitome of everything wrong with the prequel trilogy, was actually a Sith Lord.

Fans of this concept wanted YouTube personality Jamie Stangroom to ask Best his thoughts on the theory when the two spoke in January for Stangroom's "These Are The Actors You're Looking For" interview series. Stangroom didn't get around to it the first time, but was thankfully able to bring Best back for more fun. If you'd like to watch the whole interview, check it out below:

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Sam Prell

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