HD not needed for Ninety-Nine Nights

Wednesday 28 June 2006
We reported yesterday that hack 'n' slash action game Ninety-Nine Nights would only work with hard drive equipped Xbox 360's, but Microsoft has now stated that this is not the case and that the game will be playable on any of its next-gen machines, regardless of whether or not it has a hard drive.

The news that Ninety-Nine Nights would only be compatible with hard drive equipped consoles emerged after the game's information page on xbox.com clearly stated that a hard drive was required to play the game. Microsoft has now confirmed that this was, in fact, incorrect and just a simple, good old-fashioned mistake.

So, rest comfortable in the knowledge that whether you've got a core or premium pack 360, you'll be able to smack up huge crowds with a big sword when Ninety-Nine Nights is released this November.