Haze slips to December 14

Nov 13, 2007

Ubisoft has pencilled in Haze for December 14 in its latest release schedule, meaning the shooter will just manage to squeeze in amongst the Christmas rush.

It also means the game has been pushed back a month - it was originally scheduled to release in November.

Developed by Free Radical, Haze is currently exclusive to PS3, although it's widely thought that PC and Xbox 360 versions will hit next year (but this remains unconfirmed by official channels). So it might not be exclusive to PS3 for very long with the slip to December.

Anyway, it's set in a near-future where the government has outsourced military operations to private multinational corporations. You play Shane Carpenter, a soldier who works for the Mantel Corporation who has access to high-tech vehicles, kick-ass weapons and performance enhancing bio-medical support.

Free Radical director David Doak has said previously that one of the developer's key goals with the game is "to make people think" in addition to "pushing the bar with gameplay and presentation".

Courtesy of CVG