Hats for your cats might just make this the greatest mod for Stardew Valley I've ever seen

Stardew Valley cat hat mod
(Image credit: ConcernedApe / Nexus Mods: aedenthorn)

Forget every other Stardew Valley mod you know, this one is the only one you need as it lets you put hats on pets.

As spotted on Nexus Mods (opens in new tab), this Stardew Valley mod does exactly what you expect it to and lets you put hats, masks, and helmets on your four-legged friends. Once the mod has been enabled, players must select the hat they want their pet to wear as their current item and interact with the animal. As if by magic, your pet will then take the hat from your inventory and place it on its head. 

To remove the hat, and switch it out with another one, all you've got to do is interact with the pet again. If you've already got another hat you want to try out do the same as before and select the hat you want as your current item and the other one will be placed back into your inventory. 

This mod is just designed for cats and dogs. As many experienced Stardew Valley players will tell you, horses can already wear hats - regardless of mods. This mod doesn't change much for the game; it just makes your pets look extra stylish as they walk around your farm, and you really don't need anything else. 

We've seen a lot of Stardew Valley mods over the years, but some of our personal favourites (aside from this one) include the adorable repeatable date night mod, the accessibility mod that helps visually impaired players enjoy the farming sim, and the Grandpa's deathbed mod which resulted in several modders competing to ruin the sentimental scene in the game. 

If that's still not enough suggestions, take a look at our best Stardew Valley mods list. 

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