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Has a massive Deus Ex 3 secret slipped out?

Dec 5, 2007

A discrepancy between two versions of the official Deus Ex 3 teaser trailer could have let slip the biggest reveal to date on the sequel.

In one version of the trailer, a scene has had the date "2027" removed, while it remains in the same scene in a second version.

The evidence is on display in two screenshots - the one above, and one on the next - that were taken by PC Zone (UK) magazine's editor who noticed the discrepancy while gobbling down every Deus Ex 3 info morsel currently available.

It's led to speculation that the sequel actually acts as a prequel and could well be set prior to the original Deus Ex (which was set in the 2050s. Invisible War was set 20 years on from the first game).

Did Eidos spot the slip and move quickly to eradicate evidence of a plot secret?