Harvest Moon for Wii

Monday 14 August 2006
Developer Marvelous is bringing its wonderful farming RPG adventure Harvest Moon to Nintendo Wii.

Most of the farming work will be carried out using the console's motion sensing remote; fields have to be hoed, plants watered and crops harvested all by carrying out the equivalent movements with the Wii-mote, according to Japanese games magazine Famitsu.

Harvest Moon is a beautiful game, where the objective is to manage a farm over a number of years and interact with the local community, developing friendships and family.

Marvelous is also working on a new Harvest Moon for DS, which sees a family shipwrecked on an island which they must cultivate, firstly for survival but then to encourage others to join their community. It seems that the whole game will be playable just by using the touch-screen and stylus, much like Animal Crossing DS.