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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is getting new skill trees and spells

(Image credit: WB Games, Inc.)

Niantic has announced that starting today, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players levels 4 and above will soon have access to a new set of SOS Training skill trees and spells. Better yet, all players regardless of Profession will be able to unlock the lessons and learn the new spells.

Mastery is a new skill that simply boosts the power of your spells and lets you take down more powerful foes. And when those foes try to run, Departure Denial reduces the chance that they get away. And for the aspiring alchemist, Potions Effect makes your potions stronger and Brew Time Reduction lets you brew potions faster.

There's also a new set of spells called Field Charms, which you can invoke directly on the map. The Trace Charm reveals nearby Traces when cast on an existing Trace, the Inn Charm generates additional Spell Energy on the Map when cast on an Inn, and the Greenhouse Charm gives you rare Potion Ingredients when cast on Greenhouses.

Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books are three new resources you can use to help you unlock the above new skills. You can get your hands on Field Guides and Ministry Manuals by returning Foundables and placing images in the Registry, while Defense Against the Dark Arts Books can be earned by participating in in-game events.

If you're just getting into Niantic's magical mobile game, do check out our essential Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips to make Dumbledore proud.

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