The best Harry Potter merchandise for the magical muggle in your life

Harry Potter merchandise

The Harry Potter fandom is alive and well, which means so is the never-ending stream of amazing Harry Potter merchandise you 100% HAVE TO HAVE! Not that we're complaining... Whether you're a fan of the books, the movies, or both we've got the best Harry Potter merchandise below for the witch, wizard, or even Muggle in your life. If you're looking for new Hogwarts robes, the latest special edition of the novels, or a magical board game for all the family, you'll find it below with 20 of the best Harry Potter merchandise buys available right now. Whether you're looking for the best Harry Potter gifts for someone's birthday or you just want to treat yourself (that's ok!), we've got your back. 

Chocolate Frog with trading card

Why do adults still insist upon stockings? What on earth are you supposed to put in a sock anyway? Pants? Oranges? Lumps of coal? Spice things up a bit with this chocolate frog and trading card duo. Here's hoping for Dumbledore!

Buy it UK: £4.99 on Amazon UK
Buy it US: From $8.99 on Amazon US

Voldemort's Wand

Okay, we know, we could have picked any characters collector's edition wand to feature in this gallery, but there's something delectable about pretending to be the villain. Plus, your cosplay loving friend will be closer to achieving his or her dream of slaying Comic-Con with a complete Voldy get-up, including full prosthetics. Long live the dreamers.

Buy it UK: £29.90 on Amazon UK
Buy it US: $37.50 on Amazon US

Complete Collection Blu-Ray box set 

If you're still dumbfounded as to why your cousins have never, ever seen a single Harry Potter movie, this box set is the ultimate present. Frankly, they just can't go through life without seeing at least the first one, so this is really an act of kindness. You're doing them a favour!

Buy it UK: £39.98 on Amazon UK
Buy it US: $54.96 on Amazon US

H for Harry Potter knitted jumper

Are you Howard, Harry, Harold or Hugh? Do you know a Howard, Harry, Harold or Hugh? Either way you can buy this jumper and sort of maybe get away with it at work, or shopping for milk in Tesco. Just don't tell anyone it's from the official Harry Potter WB Studio Tour shop if you value your street cred. Otherwise, then go forth and wear with pride. We salute you!

Buy it UK: £69.95 from WB Studio Shop
Buy it US: $89.95 from Universal Shop

Lego Harry Potter Collection (PS4)

If you're looking to enjoy some Potter gaming goodness with friends, your best (and frankly only) option is the Lego Harry Potter Collection on PlayStation 4; two games for the price of one, both of which have been remastered since their original releases in 2010 and 2011. The collection follows the films in order, all the way from years 1 to 7 at Hogwarts, and features easygoing platforming gameplay all wrapped up in a charming Lego aesthetic. If your friend refuses to read the books or watch the movies, they'll have no excuse to ignore your Potter-obsessed ravings after this. 

Buy it UK: £17.38 on Amazon UK
Buy it US: $19.99 on Amazon US

Harry Potter Funko Pops

You didn't think this list would be Funko free, did you? There's a Funko for every film, show, comic book or video game imaginable, so of course a Harry Potter Pop exists, with scar and specs on full show with that comically over-proportioned bobble-head. Harry's not the only Funko Pop available either; there's Ron, Luna, Dumbledore, Dobby, Snape, Hermione, and even a couple of mandrakes. Don't ask. Don't even think about questioning why. Just take a look, and pick your favourite.   

Buy it UK: £9.99 on Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $13.95 on Pop In A Box 

Hogwarts Deluxe Stationery Kit

Write letters the Dumbledore way with this Harry Potter stationary set. There's parchment-style paper printed with the Hogwarts crest, house-themed envelopes, a paper weight, journal and brass seal for wax all included, so you can pretend you're an Auror on urgent business for the Ministry. Now, where's a messenger owl when you need one?

Buy it UK: £21.13 on Amazon UK
Buy it US: $25.41 on Amazon US

Golden Snitch Bracelet

We might not all be world famous Seekers, but with this beautiful Golden Snitch bracelet you can feel like a Quidditch winner wherever you go. And the best bit? It's attached to your wrist so you'll never lose it!

Buy it UK: £7.99 from Amazon UK
Buy it US: $7.99 from Amazon US

Hogwarts Crest Light

If you're anything like me, you've been kept up well into the early hours reading page after page of great fiction books. Sadly, none of us mere muggles are capable of casting a Lumos spell to fill our bedrooms with an ethereal glow, but this laser etched acrylic Hogwarts crest light is just as mesmerising, not to mention perfect for keeping your reading conditions well lit. 

Buy it UK: £19.06 on Amazon UK
Buy it US: $25.99 on Amazon US

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Harry Potter isn't just a person. It's an expansive world of magic and mayhem, and WB's latest cinematic addition to the Potter-verse, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, is the latest example of that. The sequel to the movie has already been announced, but this Limited Edition is still worth your attention if you really want to go all out for a family member or close friend. It even comes with an adorable Niffler statue. N'awh. 

Buy it UK: £52.99 on Amazon UK
Buy it US: $179.99 on Amazon US