The LG OLED C4 just dropped to a record low, and it makes it hard to recommend any other gaming TV

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I honestly didn’t expect to see any LG OLED C4 deals until later this year, yet here I am looking at an exceptional offer on the 48-inch model. It still costs a pretty penny even with a discount, but if you’re hellbent on kitting your living room out with a high-spec screen this summer, this is the gaming TV I’d personally buy. 

The LG OLED C4 deal comes courtesy of Amazon, as the retailer has slashed the 48-inch version down to $1,396.99 (was $1,599.99). The $200 saving brings the model under the price of the 42-inch model, which retails for $1,499. All of the screen makers’ best gaming TV contenders for 2024 have had an introductory discount already, and while some of them are still down in price, this particular size is the only one that’s hitting a new record low right now.

Only some people will vibe with what the OLED C4 has to offer, and its premium price tag makes it a serious purchase. Many of my friends would choke if I tried to recommend a $1,400 screen to them, but I’d argue that investing in one of LG’s newest TVs comes with multiple gaming perks. Not only are you getting superior contrast and colors thanks to the display's OLED EVO, but its 144Hz refresh rate is going to add speedy visuals into the mix. That’s a figure I normally associate with the best gaming monitors, but it’s slowly becoming something those of you who have invested in something for their PS5 and Xbox Series X can enjoy too. 

LG OLED C4 48-inch | $1,599.99$1,396.99 at AmazonSave $203 -

LG OLED C4 48-inch | $1,599.99 $1,396.99 at Amazon
Save $203 - This specific OLED C4 size has joined the record-low club with a new discount, beating initial discounts that slashed $100 off. Best Buy has also knocked the gaming TV to under $1,400 with a $200 discount, but you’ll save an extra $3 by sticking with Amazon, which could go towards some snacks for your big night in this summer.

Buy it if:
You want faster 144Hz visuals
You’re craving superior contrast
You’ve got a new-gen console or PC

Don't buy it if:
You don’t need fancy specs
You’d prefer something bigger

Price check: Best Buy $1,399.99 | B&H Photo $1,396.99 

Should you buy the LG OLED C4? 

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The OLED C4 is on track to become one of the top TVs to release this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the perfect panel for you. That might sound like a cheesy tagline, but I firmly believe dialing in display specs to suit your specific consoles and requirements is crucial, as you might end up spending over the odds on features that you don’t care about.

For starters, not everyone is going to feel the same way about OLED screens. Yes, I know I’m never done going on about the inky blacks and superior contrast they produce, but as someone who worked in a big store selling TVs, some people are looking for better brightness. If you consider yourself to be one of those players, I’d point you toward something like the Hisense U7K, as for $549, you’ll get a 55-inch QLED screen that matches the C4 with 144Hz capabilities.

If you do think OLED screens are the bee’s knees, but can’t justify spending over $1,000, then it’s also worth shopping around for slightly older models. Last year’s model, the LG OLED C3, is currently available for $996 at Amazon, but you will be missing out on 144Hz abilities and generational improvements to the TV’s innards. Casual users might not pick up on the latter, as the benefits apply to traits like image processing and HDR.

Ultimately, the OLED C4 is the screen I’d pick if shopping for a cutting-edge gaming TV right now. Some enthusiasts will likely opt for the flagship OLED G4 instead with a “go hard or go home,” approach, but at its current price, the 48-inch C4 offers a great balance between specs and price.

Looking for more screens? Check out the best QLED TVs and best OLED TVs for gaming. Alternatively, swing by the best gaming handheld if you’d rather take your sessions outside. 

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