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Hard Corps: Uprising, Radiant Silvergun feature in half-price XBLA sale

Microsoft has a decent sale going on for fans of Japanese shoot 'em ups and saving money. As part of its ongoing Deal of the Week promotion, the company has put up a block of eastern shooters at half price, making arcade classics like Radiant Silvergun, Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury, and Guwange available for just a few bucks apiece.

Available now until... well... the end of the week, XBLA Gold Members will receive half off the regular price of Treasure's Radiant Silvergun (now 600 Microsoft Points); Treasure's Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury (now 400 MSP); Arc System Works' Hard Corps: Uprising (600 MSP); and Cave's Guwange (400 MSP).

Radiant Silvergun was originally released as a side-scroller for Japanese arcades and Sega Saturn systems back in 1998, and later brought to XBLA in September of this year. Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury also started life in the 90s as an N64 and Dreamcast title, and was given the high-def treatment for Xbox 360 this May. Hard Corps: Uprising, however, is a fairly new title released as a Contra prequel earlier this year, while Guwange is a spruced version of Cave's 10-year-old bullet-hell classic.

All of these games have lived previous lives on other platforms, however this is a good (and cheap) opportunity to catch up on some solid shooters that may have otherwise flown under your radar and died in a colorful barrage of bullets and explosions moments later.

If bullet-hell isn't your thing, Microsoft has also update the XBLA library with the new Joe Danger: Special Edition (1200 MSP) and Sonic CD (400 MSP).