Joe Danger Special Edition wheeling onto XBLA this holiday

It's official: daredevil extraordinaire Joe Danger will be making a death-defying leap from the PlayStation Network to the Xbox Live Arcade this holiday season. As previously hinted by the Korean Ratings Board, the former PSN exclusive will be published by Microsoft Korea and appear for download on the XBLA as a tricked-out special edition.

The port will feature a significant amount of new XBLA-specific content, which UK developer Hello Games says will equal almost double the gameplay of the 2010 PSN original. The special edition will also include a new Laboratory mode wherein players can tinker with experimental gameplay ideas, prove their mettle on hidden developer challenges, and dabble with other behind-the-scenes elements.

"We're really excited about coming to XBLA," Hello Games' rep Sean Murray told Eurogamer. "It's been so nice to come back too, now we've watched hundreds of thousands of people play through on PS3... They've been our playtesters for the changes we've made to Special Edition.”

"Like, Joe Danger was well received and everything, but my god there were things we didn't like about it. There were places where it was actually pretty frustrating or confusing to play, and I really think we've ironed that out," he added.

The Joe Danger Special Edition will arrive “surprisingly soon” as an exclusive download for XBLA. PSN players who feel slighted by Joe's Special Edition snub can take heart in knowing Hello Games is also hard at work on an honest-to-goodness follow-up entitled Joe Danger: The Movie, which will hopefully--cross fingers--arrive for all relatively soon.

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