Happyness and A Good Year

Ah Wednesday… Monday’s a memory but the end of the week is still too far away to start winding down. Need a little lift? Well we’ve got a couple of trailers that’ll kick you in the pants and give you a new lease of life… honest.

First up is Will Smith’s new film, The Pursuit Of Happyness. Based on the true story of Christopher Gardner, a dirt-broke fella who fought to make a new life for himself and his son after landing a job with a big time stock broking firm.

Italian helmer Gabriele Muccino handles the megaphone duties, shooting from a script by Weatherman scribbler Steve Conrad. The flick is set to hit theatres in the US in December, with a UK release date to follow in early 2007.

Click here for Will in big glasses.

Next up is the Ridley Scott flick A Good Year, which has Russell Crowe as a stock broker heading the opposite way to Will Smith.

Based on the novel from Peter Mayle and adapted by Serendipity scribbler Mark Klein, Crowe plays Max, a man who has little time for anyone or anything other than his work. When his estranged uncle dies, he leaves him the vineyard where he spent so much of his youth and despite Max’s urge to sell the old place, he realises it contains the memories of the happiest times of his life.

With Albert Finney playing cackling old Uncle Henry to Freddy Highmore’s young Max, A Good Year opens in the UK on the 10 November.

Click here for Russell in big glasses.

There, see, we bet you’re ready to take life by the waistband and give it a damn good wedgie now ain'tcha…

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