Hanks to make Langdon return?

After spanking a home-run at the worldwide box office this past weekend, poor old Dan Brown’s phone must’ve been ringing off the hook. Okay, so maybe poor was a stretch and let’s face it, he probably has three highly trained people to man his phones…

Not even Brown can be too surprised though that Sony are now looking to nab the rights to Da Vinci prequel Angels And Demons – after hoovering up almost $225 million in one weekend, the suits would be fools not to put the flick into production.

Times Online has reported that Vice Chairman at Sony, Jeff Blake, has stated that they are hoping to maintain their successful relationship with Brown – who is currently scribbling a third novel featuring Harvard professor Robert Langdon.

“We are very interested in filming Angels and Demons. We hope that the relationship with Dan Brown will be a long one. That could be the next project.”

Angels And Demons tells the story of Langdon’s run-in with a mysterious society called the Illuminati and his struggle to find the planet’s most powerful source of energy.

It is thought that Sony will be working quickly to secure the services of Da Vinci helmer Ron Howard and his star, Tom Hanks.

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