Han Solo movie won't be your typical Star Wars film: "It's closer to a heist or Western"

As with this year's Rogue One, the Han Solo movie is beginning to sound like a new breed of Star Wars movie. It has to remain loyal to certain aspects of the movieverse, naturally. Han's not going to be completely unrecognisable and there's a lot of mythology that may come into play. The exciting part is how his origin story will be told.  

We've already heard that it's going to be a rule breaker, and the latest from Lucasfilm's chief gives us another reason to shriek with glee. Or, you know, grunt and act all aloof like Han: 

“This moves closer to a heist or Western type feel,” Kathleen Kennedy tells Variety, when asked about the film's genre. “We’ve talked about [Frederic] Remington and those primary colors that are used in his paintings defining the look and feel of the film.” 

Frederic Remington's work appears - at first glance - to resemble a Host-free version of Westworld. There's a mix of bright, primary colours as Kennedy says, and also a strong sense of movement. Plus there's the whole cowboy thing that Remington's pretty fond of. That bodes well for a movie about a space smuggler. 

Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and starring Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, and Emilia Clarke the Han Solo movie is due to be released on May 25, 2018. 

Images: Lucasfilm 

Gem Seddon

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