HaloRadar: Try Before You Buy

Three maps. 800 Microsoft points. $10.

These are the words doing battle in every Halo 3 fan's head right now. An entirely new set of multiplayer playgrounds is almost too tempting to resist. On the other hand... $10. Are a measly three maps - with no new game modes, weapons or vehicles - really worth the cash? Especially when they'll be free sometime in the spring? Especially when you still want to buy so many other holiday releases?

Look no further for guidance. We've already spent the money, explored the maps and gathered our impressions. Plus, we took plenty of video to show you exactly what you'll be downloading. Watch and read before you decide.


Visually, this map is very impressive. No other Halo 3 arena has such eye popping vistas, such intriguing terrain and such uniquely beautiful lighting. For the first time in a game set largely in Africa, we actually felt like we were in Africa.

Try to explore that wide open landscape, however, and you'll immediately discover the area's deceptive smallness. Standoff is basically Snowbound in the savannah, with two tiny bases and a bit of space in between. Walk towards the inviting scenery and you'll fall to your death.

But with an uphill slant, plenty of rocks to hide behind and an assortment of Warthogs, Mongeese, Spartan Lasers and Rocket Launchers to choose from, this map is fantastic for back-and-forth team matches. Nothing new, really, but fun nonetheless.

Charlie Barratt
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