Halo: Reach Skulls list

So Halo: Reach still has Skulls for you to use, but unlike Halo 3 they’re all already unlocked. That means there’s no need for you to schlep around the maps hunting for skull like some creepy goth hobo. For your convienence we've compiled a quick list of all the skulls and their effects so you don't have to bother yourself with looking at a menu like some sort of caveman.

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Effect: Reload checkpoint if teammate dies. Restart level if first player dies.

Black Eye

Effect: No auto-shield regeneration. Only melee attacks cause shields to recharge.

Tough Luck

Effect: Needler fire, grenades projectiles (ie. Rocket Launcher, Brute Shot) and vehicularattacks are more easily evaded by the AI. Brutes go Berserk and Grunts will turn Kamikaze more often.


Effect: NPCs throw twice as many grenades. NPCs always drop two grenades when dying.


Effect: Motion Tracker is fully disabled.


Effect: Dropped weapons have much less ammunition.


Effect: All enemies are more difficult.


Effect: Enemy defensive resistances/weaknesses are increased.


Effect: All NPC's health is doubled.


Effect: Your entire Heads-Up Display is disabled. You can't see your weapon, shield meter, motion sensor or ammo/grenades.

Grunt Birthday

Effect: If a Grunt is shot in the head colorful confetti explodes out of it which causes minor damage to nearby enemies, and a sound clip of cheering can be heard in the background.


Effect: Physics effects are tripled. Explosions and melee attacks launch characters and objects farther. Damage does not increase.

IWHBYD (I Would Have Been Your Daddy) Skull

Effect: Unlocks new, funny, or unusual dialogue for the characters.

Sep 16, 2010