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Halo: Reach Limited Edition details arrive. Will you be buying it?

What%26rsquo;s in the Limited Edition box

- Custom case modeled after a recovered ONI data module
- In-game Elite armor set for multiplayer
- Dr. Halsey's ONI security badge
- An embroidered Spartan II patch
- Artifact bag, which contains the personal notes and documents of the creator of the Spartan program: Dr. Catherine Halsey

Above: Packaging shot for the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition

Halo: Reach is scheduled to release on September 14, 2010. It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve held a poll on GamesRadar, so let us know about your Halo: Reach purchasing plans.

July 13, 2010

Will you be buying a special edition of Halo: Reach?
I am buying the Legendary Edition for $150
I am buying the Limited Edition for $80
I'm buying a regular copy
Real shooters require a mouse and keyboard
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