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Halo: Reach gets the Video Games Live treatment

Halo: Reach will be getting the Video Games Live treatment. The one-of-a-kind music concert has already performed tracks from Halo 1, 2, and 3, but Halo: Reach will be added to the orchestra’s set list for the first time tomorrow at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Washington…

With a full orchestra playing an entire evening of music from such heralded franchises as Mario, Final Fantasy, Sonic, and Metal Gear Solid, the Video Games Live tour is like no other symphonic music exhibition you've ever witnessed. Trust us. The light show is fantastic.

Bungie audio director Marty O’Donnell and composer Michael Salvatori will also be attending the event as special guests. “It’s a real thrill and honor to have our music be a part of such a successful event like Video Games Live,” said O’Donnell. “To know that people around the world are able to experience our music live in such a creative and artistic way is very exciting for both myself and Mike,” continued O’Donnell.

This will be the first time that Halo: Reach’s music will be performed before a live audience. So if you’re in the Seattle area, we highly recommend that you consider treating yourself to tickets for the performance. You can find them for as low as $26here.

For everyone else, you can see when and if Video Games Live will be touring through your area by checking the schedule

Jan 21, 2011

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