Halo Reach armor abilities guide

Above: There are 14 Spartans in this picture

What is it?

Active Camo has received quite a few changes. As an armor ability, Active Camo not only turns you invisible, but also acts as a radar jammer. While cloaked, enemy motion trackers (yours included) will show nothing but a bunch of dummy blips moving about. Sound will also become muted, which makes it more difficult to hear grenades, gunfire, etc.


The Active Camo armor ability works much more effectively (as do all the armor abilities) when used in tandem with your team. You don’t need to be in the midst of the group; simply follow them.

Once your allies engage the opposing team, move out of sight and cloak. The radar jammer will confuse the enemy team and help out your allies. Quick movement brings more of your character model into view, so move slowly when you don’t want to be seen. Take your pick of any enemy targets while your team provides the distraction.

Above: You see them; they don’t see you. Do the math

Ghost Eye

The Active Camo is an excellent supplement for sniping. After all, it’s somewhat difficult to scan for snipers when they’re invisible.

Grab the sniper rifle, pick out your favorite roost and then cloak. This removes the need to hide your head, as the only time you’ll be visible is when you take the shot. Make sure to close up shop and move every few kills so that the enemy doesn’t get wise to what you’re doing.

Above: “Well, hello there!”

Badass Lone Wolf Assassin

While Active Camo may seem like it’s catered towards “lone wolf” styles of play, don’t get too excited. Remember that bit where we said that the Active Camo acts as a radar jammer for both you and enemy players? Well, that means the other team KNOWS you’re skulking about somewhere. It’s like you’re invisible but you’re also banging two pots together.

Basically, you need some sort of distraction; otherwise, everyone and their mom is going to be looking for you. On top of that, the sound dampening effect brought on by cloaking essentially makes you deaf. Have fun with that.

Sep 27, 2010

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