Halo Reach armor abilities guide

Above: Awesome

What is it?

The Armor Lock is a nifty little thing. When activated, your Spartan (or Elite) slams their fist into the ground, takes on a white-bluish glow and becomes completely invulnerable. Tank fire, rockets, speeding vehicles, SARS, bee stings, paper cuts – none of this stuff can harm you while you’re armor locked. Plus, once you deactivate the ability, you’ll give off a small EMP shockwave that damages nearby enemies and shuts down vehicles. The downside is that you’re rooted in place the entire time Armor Lock is active.

The Teflon Spartan

Getting a plasma grenade stuck to your face – for lack of a better word – sucks. That 1.3 second realization followed by the audible “Oh, shi…” right before you explode is a Halo classic…but it still sucks. Hard. If only there was some way to be a little less blown up after getting stuck. Oh, wait…Armor Lock!

The moment your opponent tosses a plasma grenade (or any grenade for that matter) up in your grill, slam into Armor Lock. Anything stuck to your armor will be flung off. Grenades have all the combat effectiveness of water balloons against an armor locked Spartan.

The Roadblock

Above: Armor Lock – 1 Ghost – 0

This is one of the more obvious applications of Armor Lock. Splatter-happy vehicles like the Warthog, Ghost and Revenant aren’t really that scary anymore thanks to the new ability.

As the vehicle is speeding towards you, activate your armor the instant before you get splattered so the driver has no time veer out of the way. Depending on how fast the vehicle was going, it could flip over or outright explode. Either way, you’re going to look badass.

Plasma Sword Schmasma Sword

Average Joe-Shmo’ Halo player will almost always go for the plasma sword dash attack in lieu of the faster melee strike. Why does this matter? The dash attack has a longer recovery time than the standard melee swipe.

This technique requires some damn good timing on your part. Unload as many shots as you can into your plasma-sword wielding friend, activate Armor Lock when they use the dash attack and then deactivate to finish them off.

Sniper Repellant?

Taking that first sniper round can be scary. Your shields are gone along with half of your health bar with nary a farewell or tip of the hat. You have a couple options here. Armor Lock isn’t one of them. Run, jump, zig-zag, or sob uncontrollably; Just don’t go into Armor Lock. Rooting yourself in place to help your sniper buddy line up a nice headshot is a somewhat counter-intuitive to the whole “not dying” thing.