Halo Infinite won't get campaign co-op or Forge until at least May 2022

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Halo Infinite's campaign co-op mode won't arrive until May 2022 at the very earliest.

That's according to a new Eurogamer interview with Halo Infinite's head of creative Joseph Staten. The veteran developer says that both of Halo Infinite's campaign co-op and Forge multiplayer modes will miss their original launch windows, and now won't arrive until Season 2 in May 2022 at the very earliest.

"So our goal still remains what I said before, which is to ship campaign co-op with Season 2 and Forge with Season 3. But those remain goals. Those remain targets." It's clear then that while Staten and the rest of the development team at 343 are eyeing up launching the campaign co-op mode near May 2022 and the Forge mode later on, these are targets that could very easily slip to a later date.

Either way, we've still got plenty to enjoy in Halo Infinite before then. Just earlier this week, 343 announced that it would be extending the debut Season One in Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode, called 'Heroes of Reach', adding in plenty of new content to unlock and events to partake in. Speaking of, the Halo Infinite Tenrai event will be kicking off Season One next week, and promises some pretty flashy samurai-inspired armor to unlock.

Halo Infinite's campaign might not launch until next month on December 6, but we've already experienced the first handful of hours for ourselves. You can head over to our full Halo Infinite preview for a deeper dive into the open-world angle of Master Chief's new adventure, or you can check out our Halo Infinite interview for why the Grapple Shot was such a controversial addition to the forthcoming sequel.

Finally, for a full wrap up of everything the multiplayer mode has to offer so far, you can read our full Halo Infinite Season One first impressions for more.

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