Halo Infinite Nerf gun will come with in-game DLC

Halo Infinite Nerf
(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios/Nerf)

Halo Infinite is getting its very own Nerf gun, and it's certainly something Master Chief would be proud of.

The Halo Infinite Nerf gun Amazon listing (opens in new tab) boasts a $50 Nerf behemoth that would absolutely make all the neighborhood kids jealous. The MA40 blaster is inspired by a Halo Infinite (opens in new tab) gun, and is a nice mix of playful Nerf colors and a more serious Halo silhouette. It's also got a motorized dart blasting mechanism (which sounds dangerous) that requires you to hold down the trigger to power up the motor. There's a ten dart clip and a rail riser to add custom Nerf gear and accessories. Basically, this baby is a beast. For reference, check out the best Nerf guns (opens in new tab)

What's perhaps most interesting is the final bullet in the list of specs for this MA40 Nerf blaster: "game card with unlock code" that unlocks a "digital asset in the Halo game." Could it be a special weapon or armor skin for multiplayer? Take this listing with a grain of salt, however, as Amazon has adjusted listings after they've been posted in the past. 

Either way, the Halo Infinite Nerf blaster certainly caters to both Halo and Nerf fans alike - and may garner some attention from collectors looking to get their hands on this mysterious "digital asset." If it's anything like the Halo 3 Hayabusa armor, players will do just about anything to grab it. 

We recently got our first real look at Halo Infinite during the July Xbox Games Showcase, sparking a lot of conversation around the visual quality of the demo. As we recently reported (opens in new tab), a 343 Industries dev responded to the criticism, assuring fans that their voices were heard. 

Halo Infinite should close the ring that is Master Chief and Cortana's story.  (opens in new tab)

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