Halo Infinite gets free dynamic background for Xbox Series X/S ahead of launch

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: Microsoft)

A new Halo Infinite dynamic background is available for free on Xbox Series X/S, just ahead of the game's launch next week.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta has been out for a few weeks now, but the full game - including the single-player campaign - is launching Wednesday, December 8. And in preparation for the big day itself, Xbox and 343 Industries have released a moving, dynamic Halo Infinite background so you can have a little companion Spartan keeping you going until the release date. Check it out, and be sure to hit play on the clip to see the floating debris and perilously close needler shots darting past Master Chief.

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A little less timely but still pretty cool is the new Wasteland 3 dynamic background, which you can also download and add to your Xbox Series X/S's dashboard. That one shows a scene of some sort of nuclear experiment befitting of the Wasteland series. It's also very pretty; see for yourself.

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We spent a few hours with Halo Infinite's forthcoming campaign, and found the expansive open world a surprising throwback to the series' history. "343 Industries has found a winning formula," writes GamesRadar's Josh West. "While Halo Infinite has clearly taken inspiration from modern open world experiences, it's working across more self-contained, and smartly interlocked spaces. Zeta Halo has been effectively segmented into a multitude of large-scale, open-ended sandboxes – the kind Bungie once used to make Master Chief a legend."

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