Halo Infinite donut ad points to November release date

Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite could be on track for a November release, according to a tweet from Xbox Mexico.

The tweet, which you can see in full below, was intended to announce a partnership between Halo Infinite and Krispy Kreme, with an image of a new, limited-time donut sporting Master Chief's iconic helmet. More interesting, however, is the picture's caption. Translated via Twitter, it reads "why wait for November if we can start the festivities now?"

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Some fans have taken that as a hint that Halo Infinite is currently set for a November release date. While this information hasn't come from developer 343 Industries or a central Microsoft account, this is still an official Xbox account, and it's safe to assume that the social media team behind the post would have a better idea than most about when the game is set to release.

Halo Infinite was delayed indefinitely ahead of its original planned release in 2020, but since then, Microsoft has declared that it's "very committed" to launching the game in the 2021 holiday period. November might sit at the earlier end of that window, but it lends the theoretical message in the tweet an extra level of credence.

This also isn't the first time November has been mentioned as the game's release month. Back in March, Halo voice actor Verlon Roberts said that the game had been "pushed to later November this year." More recently, Xbox Brazil posted and swiftly deleted a tweet that stated in no uncertain terms that "Halo Infinite arrives on November 9." It's worth noting that that's the same date Forza Horizon 5 is due to release, and Microsoft is unlikely to want to double up on its major releases, but it's still another hint that a launch month has been decided on.

Of course, until we do get a truly official announcement from either the game's developers or a central Microsoft channel, nothing is set in stone. Nevertheless, it's clear that Halo Infinite is getting closer. For some lucky players, it's actually already here, as invitations to the game's technical flighting tests have started being sent out to members of the Halo Insider scheme. If that's you, it might be worth checking your emails for the chance to play the game a few months early. 

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