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Halo how-to: The Forge editor

Sept 18 2007

We haven't even seen a copy of Halo 3 yet - although we have seen the ending - but already Bungie is dishing the know-how on one of the game's most enticing features: The Forge.

Halo 3's Forge is a gloriously friendly level-editor cum deathmatch mode. You'll be able to tweak and tinker with any of Bungie's multiplayer maps - you can even invite up to seven other buddies into the editing action. Though they can still shoot you in the head, even if you're carefully placing a tower of Warhogs.

Fortuantely, when editing, you'll take the form of a "free flying ball of omnipotence", so evading pesky jokers shouldn't be too difficult. Then, when your changes are complete, you can use it for real matches, or share it with the whole Halo 3 community.

For the full skinny on this exciting feature, check out Bungie's weekly update.