Need to advertise your Halo 5 clan? How does a real-life billboard sound?

We've already seen 343 go big on Spartan Companies, Halo 5: Guardians' new stat-tracking clans, but now we know it's serious. The new Squadvertiser (which sounds more like some kind of lethal exercise machine you'd see on late-night infomercials) is a website that lets you, well, advertise your squad. You might think that sounds a little tame, but we're not just talking a virtual bulletin board, here. A few select Companies will have their adverts quite literally plastered on real-life billboards (as well as in magazines and across websites across the world).

It's a simple enough process - put in your Company name, your Gamertag and write what it is you're looking for from potential recruits. Anyone who comes across your ad can get in touch with your directly for further instruction.

Need an example. Well why not, say, my new OXM-themed clan, the Old Xylophone Men? Honestly, that reverse-engineered acronym is a little misleading - we're looking for people of all genders who are old and play xylophones and love print media and reckon magazines will never die. Join today (because we're bound to be put on a big sign next to a motorway soon).

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Joe Skrebels
Joe first fell in love with games when a copy of The Lion King on SNES became his stepfather in 1994. When the cartridge left his mother in 2001, he turned to his priest - a limited edition crystal Xbox - for guidance. And now he's here.