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Halo 5: Guardians includes 175 bits of armour for multiplayer customisation

As you'll hopefully know from that weird video where Ron Swanson becomes a meme-filtered Master Chief (opens in new tab), Halo 5: Guardians' REQ Card system offers you rewards (or microtransactions) in the form of booster packs, filled with weapons and vehicles for use in Warzone mode, and cosmetic items for use across multiplayer. It looks as though we've got a lot of collecting to do.

Having played an early build of the game last week, I spotted that there are 175 separate armour types, with 175 helmets to match (or indeed mix). Talking to creative director, Tim Longo, he confirmed that this was the most customisation ever offered in a Halo game, and reiterated that there were also Emblems, Assassinations and Stances (meaning that the love-hate bro celebrations of the Halo 5 beta still live) to collect that add to that number considerably.

343 has been keen to point out that earning REQ packs should be easy (and, from my limited experience, they do come thick and fast), meaning microtransactions are only for the least patient and most monied out there. Either way, it looks as though getting a full collection of cards will take quite some time.

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