The augmented super-soldier kids aren't alright in new Halo 5 cutscene

We've seen the new Spartan fireteam, codenamed Osiris, race down a mountain full of Covenant and Promethean enemies in the Halo 5 opening cinematic. It's a bombastic, action-packed sequence that shows what the new Spartan-IVs are capable of. Master Chief and Blue Team, though, they're a little more quiet and tactical with their introduction. See how they handle infiltration of a Covenant-controlled ship below in the intro to Halo 5: Guardians' second mission, "Blue Team":

As cool as a team of Spartans blowing their foes out into the vacuum of space is, what I think I like about this trailer is Chief's fragility coming to light. I'm not sure if it's intentional or a trick of the visuals, but it looks to me like our aging war hero is trembling, and one of his teammates raises concerns about Chief pushing himself too far. The idea of a protagonist previously thought to be infallible dealing with something like PTSD makes me excited - a flawed hero who struggles is way more interesting than a perfect one.

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Sam Prell

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