Halo 5 gets new Arena REQ Bundle dedicated to cosmetic unlocks

Halo 5: Guardians' complicated REQ system - you know, the game's microtransaction model that required its own video tutorial narrated by Ron Swanson - is about to get a bit more complicated, thanks to the addition of a new pack that can be purchased with real-world money. But don't worry, I'm gonna keep it simple. The Arena REQ Bundle will arrive in the Halo 5 in-game store on February 16 and cost $25.

If you purchased the Limited Edition, Limited Collector's Edition, or Halo-themed Xbox One console, you're already familiar with how the bundle will work. Just like the Warzone REQ Bundle that came included in those special editions, the new Arena REQ Bundle will automatically provide you with two "premium" (see: containing rarer stuff) REQ packs per week over the course of seven weeks.

The difference is in the details; where the Warzone REQ Bundle provides players with items and unlocks designed to help them in Warzone mode, the Arena REQ Bundle will feature items compatible with Arena mode. As the more traditional of Halo 5's multiplayer modes, Arena keeps combatants on a level playing field - there's no spawning in with a rocket launcher here like you can in Warzone.

This means that instead of weapons, vehicles, and power-ups, the Arena REQ Bundle will contain aesthetic items - weapon skins, assassination animations and armor. In fact, grabbing the Arena REQ Bundle guarantees you'll get a set of Mark V Alpha armor, inspired by Master Chief's look in the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

Whew! See? Simple!

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