Halo 4 leaked, playthrough videos posted on YouTube. Microsoft investigating on a case-by-case basis

Halo 4 has hit the internet in decidedly illicit form, just over three weeks before its official release date of November the sixth. While the source of the leak is currently unclear, full playthrough videos of the game are already appearing on YouTube. Microsoft is firefighting the situation.

Speaking to Polygon (opens in new tab) at the New York Comic Con on Saturday, Halo franchise director Frank O' Connor said of Friday's leak that Microsoft is addressing the issue on a case-by-case basis. When asked if he was surprised by the leak of such a high profile title, he responded in the negative, shrugging and replying "This is how surprised I am about this".

No material from the leak currently seems to be turning up on YouTube through an internal search, so it seems that Microsoft is starting to get the situation under control in that respect at least. An image seeming to illustrate a leaked set of Halo 4 retail discs turned up on NeoGAF (opens in new tab) late last week, but it's unclear if the photo has anything to do with this situation, if even genuine.

David Houghton
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